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Find Things to Blog About

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

When it comes to blogging, bloggers want to have the most interesting articles and information posted on their site. While there is a lot of cooperation between bloggers, you can sometimes feel the tension, especially when a blogger feels that some harm was done to him. This is often provoked by copying and pasting articles from other blogs and posting it on your own. Writing an article is not an easy task, as it requires time, focusing on your task, and original ideas among other things. Nobody wants to have his articles posted all over the Web without permission, and this also includes technology blogs. That is why I encourage bloggers to write their own articles of which they can be proud. Not everyone knows that Technorati has an interesting feature on their website called Topics. Topics is a way to navigate the conversations on the Web, based on the categories you select. You can visit one Technorati Topics page and see live streams of the newest blog posts about the topic you want. Topics pages are being updated very often, so they are different every time you visit, and the posts you see scrolling down the page, will keep you informed about what is going on right now. I think it is an interesting feature, and many bloggers are using it quite regularly to research any topic they are interested in.

Small Niche Blogs Making Money

Friday, June 21st, 2013

While the biggest reward of blogging is the fact that you can share your thoughts with the rest of the world, there are also other things that some people hope to achieve. Maintaining a blog can be quite expensive, especially if you spend money on promotion and web design. That is why making some money from your blog is often necessary to keep it online. Here are my thoughts about blogs targeting a small niche, and their ability to make money:

  • You have a small audience, because you just target a particular niche. This does not mean you will not have many visitors, but you need to keep this in mind. You have to focus in order to avoid writing off-topic posts.
  • There are not many affiliate programs to choose. On the other hand, those which will really fit into your site can give you a big profit. It is all about targeted advertising.
  • It might be harder to have other sites linking to you, so consider link exchanges with sites dealing with a similar topic. Such sites may be very pleased that you are suggesting a link exchange, as they probably do not receive such a request very often. On the other hand, sites dealing with very popular topics might have a lot of competition, and may not be that eager to agree to a link exchange.
  • Writing Problems

    Friday, June 21st, 2013

    Today I would like to discuss how to overcome writing problems and how to deal with them. You will know that you need some encouragement when you have problems writing articles, feel unmotivated to be creative, forget the point of your post, or even feel like abandoning your blog into which you put so much work. Here are some guidelines that should put you back on the right track:

    1. Think about changing the topic of your blog. If something excites you, you will always be willing to write about it even if you feel tired or exhausted. I cannot emphasize this enough, because this is the most important point. Write about the things that you love.
    2. Read other blogs that will give you inspiration. Visit only those blogs that you enjoy reading. There are many interesting blogs on the blogosphere so you should not have problems finding one.
    3. Make your writing fun and experiment a lot. Try different styles of writing, use different fonts and pictures. You might learn a lot this way.
    4. Do something on your blog that you have never done before. Create a poll, organize a giveaway, or get involved in a traffic exchange. All of those things will get you more exited about blogging.
    5. Get some rest if you feel that you need it. After a few days you will find yourself refreshed enough to continue working. Maybe it is time to take a vacation? Being rested is very important when it comes to blogging.

    Increase Blogging Productivity

    Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

    Working on your blog is not always easy, so it is important to work on it in an efficient way. This will ensure that it will take you less time to write an article, and that the quality of the article will be higher. There are a couple of things that you can do to improve blog productivity:

    • Have a list of URLs that you can visit for ideas of topics to write about. Every writer needs some inspiration. Who knows, you might get inspired and write your best article after finding some interesting topic to write about.
    • Research the topic you are interested in more carefully. You may want to search for related posts about it on other blogs. Write only about topics you have knowledge about. Posts that contain a lot of useful information and reflect the knowledge of the writer are going to become popular.
    • Use the best browsers. For example, your browser should allow tabbing. No doubt that Firefox and Opera are currently one the best browsers, but even IE has some useful features, although probably not as many.
    • Store ideas for articles that you will want to write about in the future. There is nothing worse than running out of ideas.

    Remember, whatever you do, make sure you enjoy it as your readers will be able to feel your enthusiasm or lack thereof.

    Influencing Your Niche

    Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

    Even if you have a small niche blog, you can have the ability to influence your niche. Influencing others is one of the things that each person wants to do. We want others to respect us, and know that what we said or did, influenced their way of thinking about many different things. Naturally, if you want to influence other blogs, their authors, as well as other readers, you have to put some work into it. Here are some of my thoughts about how you can influence other people by having a blog of your own:

  • First of all, your blog should have rich content. If people read your blog, it is the best way to influence others. Your posts should be thought over, with as much valuable content as possible.
  • Market your blog, because you will be only influencing others if they are actually visiting your site.
  • Your blog has to be visually attractive, but at the same time it should load within a reasonable time. It means that it should have a professional look, but should not take ages to load. There are two ways to ensure that your blog will load quite fast. First of all, limit the amount of graphics. Secondly, you should be hosting your blog on a fast server that is not getting overloaded easily. If you look around long enough I am sure you will be able to find cheap web hosting that performs quite well.
  • You can also read and comment on other blogs. You need to be engaged in what is happening in the blogosphere. Choose the blogs which you will like visiting and keep doing it. Eventually, you will be recognized in the blogosphere.
  • Writing guest posts is another way to get noticed, and gives you the opportunity to influence others.
  • Apart from the points that I gave, try to get involved whenever there is something interesting happening. This includes forums, top lists, and other places.

    Linking to Older Posts

    Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

    One technique that is often used by top bloggers is linking to older posts. One might ask a question, why should I do it, and how will it benefit my blog? Will my readers want to read older posts? I think that there are a few reasons why you should be linking to your older posts:

    • Not all of your visitors read them. You will to realize that not everyone joined your blog from day one. By linking to older posts you are giving them a chance to read older posts. Otherwise, they would probably never see them at all.
    • Some information takes a long time to get out of date. Especially, if this is not something very specific which changes often, but rather a more general information. Posts containing such information are those kind of articles you want to be linking to.
    • Often readers want to go deeper into some subject, and if they will not find what they seek on your blog, they will go to another one. Allow them to refer to your other articles for more information.
    • It would be a shame for your most valuable posts to be hidden, especially if you have been blogging for many years or months.

    I believe that linking to your older posts is a great way to emphasize those articles, which contain useful information and deserve to be mentioned.

    Some Things for Bloggers to Remember

    Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

    Those who host their own blog, such as most WordPress users, have to make some technical decisions when setting up their blog for the first time. One of such decisions is the directory to install WordPress. I would like to convince you to set up your WordPress installation in your sites root directory, as this will benefit your blog in the long term. One of the main reasons for setting up your blog in the main directory is to prevent a situation where your PageRank will be split. If your site can be accessed through www.domain.com and www.domain.com/blog/, then your PageRank will be divided, and it would be a disaster when it comes to SEO. Another reason is that your homepage will be duplicated which is not convenient at all.

    Whenever you are blogging try to be as confident as possible. Perhaps a Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist would help you gain confidence.

    Another thing that I would like to advise you to remember is your homepage. Internet users who wish to access your site should be allowed to do it as easily as possible. That is why I wish to convince you to make accessing your site as easy as possible. What is mean is that many websites have a greeting page that is not the homepage, but which sole purpose is to welcome visitors. This page often contains flash animation or other graphics, which are supposed to impress Internet users, but they are often not necessary. The purpose of such a page is to redirect to the main site. I strongly believe that the smaller the number of steps required for the user to access your content, the better, so simply greet your user on your main site.

    Some Disadvantages Of Viral Linking

    Friday, July 27th, 2012

    Generally, those websites that have plenty of traffic and a lot of valuable content are considered to be successful. One way to increase the amount of traffic you will receive is through viral linking. Webmasters who are engaged in viral linking create a post with a list of links to various blogs and repost the link. Later, other webmasters come and after adding their website to the list, repost the post as well. Many claim that this is a great way to obtain backlinks.

    Plenty can be said about the advantages of viral linking; however, what about disadvantages? Before you decide to get engaged in viral linking you should know about both sides of the coin. I am not trying to discourage you from viral marketing at all, but I simply want to provide useful information that you should analyze on your own.

    1. Links might not be family friendly. The links in a viral link could end up at pornographic sites. What would your readers think if that happened? There is no easy way to control where your links will appear.
    2. Links might not be relevant to your blog. If you want a good search engine ranking position, then you should take this into consideration. It is best to obtain links from relevant sources.
    3. It has been stated by many bloggers that viral linking has a poor click-through rate. This might be a disadvantage if you hope to receive a lot of traffic this way.

    Of course, viral linking still remains a good choice for those webmasters who want to quickly obtain many links.

    Writing Posts

    Friday, October 15th, 2010

    Most bloggers want to post new articles on their blog on a regular basis. Did a few days already pass since your last post, and you feel obliged to write something new? Do not worry, as there are a lot of things to write about, and all you have to do is stay focused. Here is some advice that may help you:

  • Do not get distracted by other things around you. Do not visit other blogs in the meantime, unless you look for inspiration. You might get overwhelmed by the fact how well other writers are doing, and this might prevent you from being a creative writer yourself.
  • Write something funny and amusing as a start up. Once you start writing something, you will see that it will be getting easier and easier to continue doing so. It is the hardest to start writing at all.
  • Perhaps you should try to submit your articles to another website. This way you will be more motivated to write higher quality posts.
  • Do not put additional burdens on yourself that are unnecessary. If you usually write articles 200 words long, stick to it, and do not start writing 300 or 400 word long posts. Of course, this will also depend on your niche and topic of your post.
  • Ask your family and friends for their assistance. They can be very helpful not only for finding something to write about, but their presence can also give you additional motivation.
  • Reward yourself for your hard work. After completing your tasks do something that you did not have time to do in the past and always wanted to.
  • Drawing People to Your Post

    Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

    Very often writing a high quality and unique post is enough to ensure that people will read it. On the other hand, there are many marketers who say that most readers make up their mind if they want to read your post just after reading the title. That is why choosing the title of your post might be the most important thing to do in order to make people stay on your blog. Of course, writing high quality content is also necessary if you want to interest your readers so you should not neglect that.

    There is no magic rule when it comes to choosing the title, and it depends what kind of visitors you have. It also depends on what you exactly want to achieve. A good way to attract readers to read your post is to simply make them believe that they will learn something valuable from reading it. If you have some kind of unique content, do not be afraid to clearly state so in your post title. Depending in what niche you are, there will be completely different post titles that will try to attract visitors that are interested in that particular niche. The knowledge of the preferences and interests of your visitors is definitely going to help in creating a great title. Will your visitors be drawn to a shocking title, a funny one, a puzzling one, an intriguing one? Your job is to try to figure that out because you need to know the preferences of your readers.